Map to 3123 Tanana Loop Ext. Look for U-Pick sign Just past Payne Rd.

Map, Price List, and Pictures of the farm.

Hello, Thanks for choosing Bormans Farm (U-Pick) as your locally grown provider. We are proud to offer prices suited to fit your family's budget. Just as much as you love getting a great deal on local produce you will also find picking the produce yourself the freshest way to enjoy your veggies. You will also find us providing fresh and local produce in Fairbanks at the Tanana Valley Farmers Market. So find yourself hungry and healthy at Bormans farm U-pick or local market locations.

Price List

Potatoes (new): $0.50 (Per Pound) (Aug 20th and on $0.18 LB)

Onions: $2.00 (Per Pound)

Beets: $1.50 (Per Pound)

Broccoli: $0.50 (Per Pound)

Cabbage: $0.50 (Per Pound)

Radishes: $0.50 (Per Pound)

Rhubarb: $0.50 (Per Pound)

Green Beans: $1.00 (Per Pound)

Strawberries: $0.50 (Per Pound)

Raspberries: 0.50 (Per Pound)

Peas: $0.50 (Per Pound)

Lettuce: $0.50 (Per Pound)

Turnips: $0.50 (Per Pound)

Collards: $0.50 (Per Pound)

Peony Flowers $2.00 (Per Stem Cut Only)

Squash: $0.50 (Each) (Inc- Yellow, 8-ball, 1-ball, Bark, Elite, Dark Green, Crook Neck, Stoors Green, and many more.)

The late spring and very dry summer has been hard on all crops especially beets, peas, onions, and Broccoli.

Even in winter we sell Potato's by the bucket. Each bucket is $9.00 if you pick them out. We have Yukon Gold, Cal-White, and German Butterball.